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Entrants should carefully consider selecting the most appropriate category for their submission. Projects may be entered in more than one category. To enter in more than one category entrants must register the project separately in each desired category for an additional fee (as an additional entry). Once submitted, entries cannot change categories.

Honor, and Merit, may be recognized in the following categories:


1.   Commercial Buildings

Excellence of design in projects of commercial, institutional or industrial uses, including new buildings, substantial remodels and additions.

Commercial Interiors shall be submitted under Category 6 below. 


2.   Single Family Residential

Excellence of design and construction in single family homes, including new buildings and extensive remodels and / or additions (greater than 60% of the original building), also Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) projects, if the main residence is part of the score of work.

Residential Interiors shall be submitted under Category 6 below. 


3.   Mixed Use and Multi-Family Residential

Excellence of design and construction in structures containing two or more dwelling units, including mixed use buildings containing both residential and non-residential uses.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) project shall be submitted under Category 5 below. 


4.  Adaptive Reuse, Renovation or Historic Preservation

Renovations of existing buildings, renovations or preservations of existing buildings, historic preservation of building with a historic background, or buildings where the original intent has been transformed for a new purpose.  Structures are required to be a minimum of fifty years old. New buildings may be included which are part of a project that includes a historic structure as long as the historic structure is part of the scope of work.


5.  Small Projects: Single Family Residential Additions, Remodels or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)

Projects may include residential additions, remodels (area of work less than 60% of original building) and Accessory Dwelling Units. Small Projects up to 1,200 SF with a construction cost not to exceed $500,000.


6.  Commercial / Residential Interiors

Excellence of design and construction in commercial / residential interior architecture and design. This category only includes interiors that have minor exterior scope of work; i.e., exterior window alterations or treatments to enhance the interior displays. 


7.   Proposed / Unbuilt Project

There are many projects that get left on the drawing board and are not constructed for various reasons. These projects often can be compelling and innovative. Projects submitted in this category can be of any type, scale, or location as long as the lead design firm is located in Ventura County and the project has not since been constructed and there are no plans for construction.


8.   Student Project / AIAVC Associate

2022 Design Awards Categories

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