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Supporting Future Architects

AIA Ventura County is dedicated in supporting, mentoring and engaging aspiring students and young designers in Ventura county to pursue NCARB accredited architecture degree programs.  


​Scholarship Awards                    

  • A $2,000 Scholarship for 1st year Undergraduate Architectural studies

  • A $500 bonus awarded, at the discretion of the Al Okuma Scholarship Committee in memoriam of Al Okuma, AIA. 

  • (See attachment for characteristics that describe Al Okuma that are to be sought in the recipient. These characteristics can be communicated as part of the applicant’s essay/goals statement.

Eligibility & Application Requirements

  • Applicant must be a Ventura County Resident and

  • A full-time student (12 units or more) at Ventura College

Application Requirements

  • Applicant must be a 1st year student at an accredited architecture school in the following academic year.

       (See which schools are accredited at

  • Complete the attached application form 

  • A sealed official copy of current academic transcripts

  • A statement about your goals as an aspiring architect (500 -1,000 words)

  • Optional: Submit one or more letters of recommendation from a Current Teacher, Advisor, Coach, Pastor or other Curricular Leader.


  • All materials must be postmarked by required date and sent to:

      American Institute of Architects, Ventura County

     1746-F South Victoria Ave, #209 Ventura, CA  93003  

Selection Process

  • Recipients will be selected by a committee comprised of members of the AIA Ventura County Chapter.


  • The Scholarship recipient will be announced at the Spring Ventura College Showcase, generally in the month of May.


AL OKUMA Memorial Scholarship 

Impact on the Profession

AL OKUMA, AIA, was an ethical person and had a strong sense of responsibility for all: the client, the community, his employees and colleagues, always seeking a better solution and pursuing alternatives. 

He co-founded Conrad and Okuma Architects and developed a well-organized intern development program. 


As an architect, AL OKUMA was:

  1. Analytical                                          6.        Fair-minded

  2. Methodical                                        7.        Detailed-orientated

  3. Rational                                            8.        Committed to education/development

  4. Research-minded                             9.        Professional, Ethical

  5. Committed to Sustainability            10.      Altruistic, Civic-minded


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