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Emerging Professionals

Welcome to the AIAVC Emerging Professionals Resource Center where you can find links to great resources toward achieving licensure.  AIAVC is committed to your success and will work with you to make this happen.

The ARE transition to 5.0 test series is complete.  The Ventura AIA Chapter now has two sets of ARE 5 Review Manuals and Practice Exam Guides available to our members.

ARE 5 Review Manual for the Architect Registration Exam, First Edition, New Edition, by David Kent Ballast, FAIA, NCARB, CSI, & Steven E. O’Hara, PE.

ARE 5 Practice Exam for the Architect Registration Exam, First Edition, New Edition, by David Kent Ballast, FAIA, NCARB, CSI, Holly Williams Leppo, AIA, & Rima Taher, PhD, PE.


Members can borrow these books for four months at a time.  To borrow a copy, please send an email to


To support candidates preparing for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE), the following links provide an abundance of information:



Not sure how to begin the examination process? Learn more about meeting your jurisdiction’s requirements, scheduling a division, and important ARE policies to know before you start.

Exam Eligibility: Before you can schedule an ARE division, your jurisdiction’s board of architecture will need to approve your eligibility to test. Each jurisdiction sets its own rules regarding when you’re eligible to take the ARE, so be sure to meet your jurisdiction’s requirements before requesting eligibility. If you’re not sure if you have eligibilities to test, you can view your eligibility information in your NCARB Record. Using Your NCARB Record to take the ARE, you’ll need an active record. Within your NCARB Record, click on the “Exams” tab and go to “My Examination” to:

Your NCARB record allows you access to the AIA Contract Documents as well as a short list of other approved resources.


In addition to the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), the California Architects Board (Board) requires the California Supplemental Examination (CSE) for licensure. The CSE ensures that candidates are able to demonstrate minimum standards of competency and necessary architectural knowledge and skills to respond to the unique requirements and conditions in California.

The setting for architectural practice in California is distinct from that of other states in terms of the breadth, magnitude, and complexity of the individual circumstances that create its context. California’s large physical size, large and diverse population, varied landscape and climate, high seismicity, regulations and entitlements, and massive economy create an unusually demanding context for architectural practice. Additionally, the varying interplay of these conditions for specific projects gives rise to even more complicated settings for the conduct of architectural practice in the state.

The CSE is a computer-delivered, multiple-choice examination. Candidates are required to demonstrate entry-level competence in the areas outlined in the CSE Test Plan. A competent entry-level architect is able to perform the responsibilities incumbent upon him or her in providing professional architectural services to the public. Additionally, a competent entry-level architect must understand the integration of architectural practice and the architect’s responsibilities as they relate to practice in California.

Candidates do not need any computer experience or typing skills in order to take the CSE. All response keys on the computer keyboard are colored and have prominent characters. Before a candidate starts their examination, an introductory tutorial to the computer and keyboard is provided on the computer screen. The time the candidate spends on this tutorial, up to 15 minutes, DOES NOT count as part of the examination time. Sample questions are included as part of the tutorial so that the candidate may practice using the keys, answering questions, and reviewing answers. One question appears on the screen at a time. During the examination, minutes remaining will be displayed at the top of the screen and updated as the candidate records his or her answers.

Current policy allows one test attempt per application. Candidates must submit a new application and payment to the Board in order to retake the CSE; however, a candidate cannot reschedule an examination for at least 180 days from the date he or she took the examination that he or she failed.


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